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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

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HW Acceleration

The AI4SEC platform is a low-latency, high-throughput software stack that incorporates hardware accelerators from different suppliers. AI4SEC is a hardware-independent, on-demand, scalable acceleration platform that enables the use of FPGAs, GPUs, and AI ASICs to significantly increase the data throughput of computational jobs or to reduce the latency of real-time applications to microseconds. The software is compatible with a variety of public clouds, as well as data center and edge cloud deployments.

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Explainable AI

Recent AI research, which includes contributions from our team, introduces Explainable AI methodologies such as Shapley Values and Integrated Gradients to aid in the comprehension of machine learning model predictions. AI4SEC software enhance and optimize these Explainable AI methodologies,  enabling the development of new explainable AI products and use cases with intuitive interfaces for the whole team, and mapping them responsive to FPGA, GPU works.

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BIAS Analyzers 

The AI4SEC Bias Analyzer (WIP) checks an AI model's output, comparing it to established bias measures and indicating "out of range" findings that might suggest bias. Bias Analyzer enables businesses to discover, analyze, and manage possible bias risks in automated decision-making systems on a proactive basis.

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Smart Predictive Maintenance AI Platform

AI4SEC utilizes plug and play devices for monitoring and executing condition based maintenance and providing real time alerts for datacenters and manufacturing.

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